Inventory System for Supply, Demand, and Quality Control.

All in one place.

Completely optimize your inventory.


Provide your business a single source of truth across sales, supply chain, finance, and any other team.


With our model, dynamically forecast product demand and supply in real time, saving costs on the next purchase period, reduce returns, and determine base-stock and service level.


We will make use of every existing data point you already have - meaning we will integrate any existing database (Salesforce; SAP) into our model, if needed.

Value Proposition


Get a comprehensive understanding of quality control issues and manufacturing lead time pain points.

Third Party Logistics Optimization

We will help you determine the optimal base-stock policy for purchase orders, logistics preformance, and customer and distributor risk profiles.


Get in-depth analysis on cash-to-cash time cycles, return rates, and projected customer demand, allowing you to optimize your business and reduce operating expenses.

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